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Thomas Batardière 2022 Mixed Case

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Due to limited quantities these mixed boxes are limited to 1 per customer*
  • Esprit Libre is the introduction to the world of Thomas & Marie-Lise Batardière. Issued from 3 parcels of Chenin Blanc in the surroundings of Rablay-sur-Layon on some of the domaines oldest vines (plantations between 1970 and 1984) . These 3 parcels are side by side with varying ages and micro differences geologically, yet the consistent pattern is a combination of gravel, clay, quartz with red schist laying in the bedrock. The preference is a vinification in steel to support the tension of the variety. 
  • Les Nöels de Montbenault is a climate that covers almost 40 hectares in its totality. In 2015 Thomas bought a ¼ hectare in the heart of the coteau. The vines in 2015 were planted with selection Massale from neighboring Clos Naudin and Domaine Huet. We stay on a consistent theme, this parcel at Montbenault splits the terroir of les Cocus, there remains hardly any topsoil. What separates the parcels is a high concentration of igneous rock (Rhyolite & Spilite). As per Thomas who relays a story told by Richard Leroy “we are making wine on the oldest terroirs in France” the Coteau was formed by the collision between the tectonic plates of the Massif de Loire and the basin Parisien millions of years ago. This collision caused the softer limestone, tuffeau and clay (marine stones) to be forced deeper while the hard schist stayed higher to the surface creating this veritable hillside. Being situated higher on the parcel, Montbenault gets even more wine. This is an ultra dry climate, who’s temperatures on vine this year are the first to approach those of 2015. Low-yielding and excitingly mineral, here we see more time in steel and oak for 4 months to finish. Young vines already with so much character, reduction is quickly gone in carafe and the wine vibrates with energy and sophistication.
  • Les Cocus is a single parcel Chenin from high up on the Côteaux de la Madeleine just East of Rablay on the Layon’s right bank. Tucked neatly beside vines at Montbenault; the top of this parcel consists of degraded schist with a slim layer of topsoil. Westerly winds from the Layon dry and cool the vines preventing diseases and maintain acidity while preserving phenolic maturity. Vines in the austere climate are forced deep into the schist bedrock resulting in a wine that is concentrated, complex and requiring some time to age. Aging in barrels takes place for 10 months with special attention to have the wines in a reductive state with liberal topping. This reduction reflects equally well in bottle, so some carafing is generally encouraged. A vivacious and deep cuvée showing the uniqueness that is schist.


Winemaker: Thomas & Marie-Lise Batardière
Rablay-sur-Layon, Anjou, Loire

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