Collection: Caroline Bain

Caroline Bain follows in her husband’s footsteps and started making her own wine in 2020. Like the wines from Alexandre they are made from sauvignon blanc from the Pouilly-Fumé in the Loire valley. They follow their philosophy of producing authentic wines without damaging people, the earth or the environment. The soil is treated with the utmost respect to nature and the most vulnerable of their land is plowed by a pecheron-pull horse named Phenomenon. This respect for the environment stretches to the cellar as well, nothing is added during the wine making. The result of this love and labor is natural, authentic, clean and all round amazing wines.

After a long time they have reclaimed the appellation that is Pouilly-Fumé, but they have decided to not systematically claim this appellation. Many rapports have been made about their work in the vineyards and their vinification, it is an ode to quality labor that should be encouraged. But the only thing that is important to them is their philosophy.

The wines

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