Libre Wines

Libre Wines is an importer and distributor of natural & biodynamic wines based in the Netherlands. We import all of our wines directly from small winegrowers with a focus on France, Germany, Spain as well as other singular winemakers across the whole of Europe. We are constantly looking for new wines and to build new relationships. There is always something exciting around the next corner and we hope to find it for you. Our goal is to make natural and biodynamic accessible, to share our love of wine and to help transit the emotion and passion of these singular winemakers.

We are dedicated to natural & biodynamic wines. We showcase wines made from grapes and grapes only, sourced from vineyards that live in harmony with their environment. Our goal is to aid in the discovery of these wines and the revelation of each wines personality and representation of terroir.

We aim is to inspire a more progressive, sustainable and open-minded approach to wine and to life; one that cares about the land and the people. Each wine in our range is personally selected, thoughtfully made and champions the notion that less is more. We carry not only natural and biodynamic wines, but wines that challenge the very idea of natural winemaking, those who use concepts of natural and biodynamic farming as a base to build upon and make it their own. We look to engage with the community, to bring wine to you, to provide recommendations and to be available to you in your local restaurant, bottle shop or online.

Our Palate

Natural wines do not need to be unbalanced and wild, they should however transmit the emotion of the wine maker as well as the energy & effort that goes into making them. It takes a technical understanding to realise that there are some intangible elements that cannot be quantified or explained, we appreciate this moment it motivates us to keep searching, to ask more questions and to reflect.

We are enthusiastic about finding wines that have ascended beyond their physical components. Products of place and emotion; we gravitate towards wines that are pure and nuanced, fresh and in balance. Wines should ultimately be drinkable and a joy to drink to the last sip. We believe in the health benefits of drinking these wines and their uplifting effects on the human spirit.