Collection: Claire et Florent Bejon

Florent isn’t into fancy stuff. He’s straightforward, natural, and stays away from chemicals. It’s obvious he’s in the wine world with a mission, and we love that. Winemakers like him, who do things their own way without following rules or restrictions, deserve the spotlight. Florent Bejon is a master at colouring outside the lines, creating wines that are simple, honest, and incredibly drinkable. His organic wines, made without sulfur, are captivating and always steal the show.

The sweet spot for making good wine is usually around two to three hectares, depending on the land. With just 40 ares, the challenges are different. Vineyard work is less time-consuming, but making wine in small batches is tricky. A tiny vineyard isn’t usually profitable unless it’s a Grand Cru plot in Burgundy. Florent currently has just over two hectares.

The Gruches Chenin Blanc 2017 comes from 20 ares of limestone soil with 70-year-old vines, and its first vintage was a hit. It sold out in a weekend. The wine is generous, rich, and surprisingly fresh and delicate. It’s hard to resist drinking more before the bottle’s empty. This wine can easily compete with the best Chenin's from the Loire. It’s incredibly pure and expressive, with ripe notes of candied yellow fruit, honey, and lime, and an acidity that keeps you coming back for more.

As for the Cabernet Franc, even though Florent only has 2 hectares of calcareous sandy soil with 45-year-old vines, it’s more than enough to impress. These wines are beautifully drinkable, spicy, and concentrated, with explosive red fruit aromas and a silky mouthfeel. They’re remarkably stable without any sulfites. 

New wines arriving summer 2024*