Collection: Petite Nature

Pauline Maziou, an artisan winemaker, founded Petite Nature in 2019 after viti vini training with Jean Delobre at La Ferme des 7 Lunes and Daniel Sage. Raised in a farming family, she inherited a love for the land, shaping her vision for a sustainable agriculture-driven world. Her agroforestry project around the vine reflects this commitment.

Starting in business studies, Pauline's journey took an unexpected turn to Ardèche due to a canceled trip to Peru. Here, she reconnected with old friends, discovered a passion for natural wines, and pursued viti vini training. Guided by a philosophy of plant respect and natural vine cultivation, she works in harmony with her terroir, following the lunar calendar.

Petite Nature's debut in 2019 produced 2000 bottles, embodying Pauline's commitment to handcrafted, nature-aligned winemaking. Her ongoing projects include tree planting and Viti forestry with Gamay and Grenache Noir, as well as reviving an 80-year-old Gamay vine.

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