Philippe Chatillon

Vigneron Philippe Chatillon

Location Poligny

Coverage 2 hectares

Viticulture Certified Organic (AB) practising biodynamic and bio-harmony

Terroir Limestone soils mixed with some clays and marls. The soils are stony, rocky even, and quick-draining. Western mostly, but Northern exposition on some parcels.

After 18 years as the lead wine of Domaine de la Pinte. Philippe Chatillon founded his own domaine in 2013. The vineyards are located around the village of Arbois in Mesnay, matched by others is Passenans and Puits Saint Pierre in Chateau Chalon. The plantings are mainly on the Lieu-dit of ¨Les Nouvelles¨. He now oversees no more than 2 ha over 3 terroirs. Understood, thoughtfully chosen and brimming with quality.

Philippe demonstrates a devotion to winemaking, handling every step of the process himself. The works in the vines is reflected in the cellar, it is incredibly tedious and passionate but he manages to make it look as if he were painting a picture rather than labouring.

Production is limited to only a few thousand bottles a year. He works biodynamically as if there's no other option in existence. There is never added sulfites and Philippe insists on the best barrels available. He tends his land himself with his pump up backpack atomizer because thats how he prefers. Élevage is carried out in barrel to bring energy to the red wines, softness to whites while maintaining nervousness of the terroir.

They are wines derived from love and sweat. Healthy grapes produce the best wines, viticulture should be sustainable and we should do our part to not only improve vineyard land but to improve biodiversity and renew the soil. The ultimate goal is bio-harmony, a vineyard in balance with its surroundings. Philippe strongly believes that the vibration of sound harmonises the wines, this brings energy in the search for harmony.

The wines are terroir driven, they are pure and complex. Younger wines have their texture and the nervousness of the terroir on display, which begin to pattern aromatically and re-balance in maturity. Philippe Chatillon embodies the perfect crossroads between the efforts of man & nature.

“I work my wines in bio-harmony; the vibration of sound is important because it helps to balance the wines in the cellar . A crystal harp and singing bowls are used to harmonize the wines. This brings an energy in the search for harmony. Wine is a food that must be healthy and alive, and should bring emotion”
— Philippe