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Off the coast of Valencia and Barcelona in the Mediterranean, Majorca, the largest of the Balearic Islands, is a tourist hotspot, and its viticulture finds it difficult to escape the imperatives of mass consumption. Only a few winegrowers, rare but demanding and enthusiastic, such as Eloi Cedó Perelló, promote the island's terroir by respecting the typical grape varieties that have made the reputation of Majorcan wines.

Eloi Cedó Perelló, of Catalan origin, settled in Felanitx on the island of Majorca to work with the team of the 4 Kilos Vinícola estate, created in 2006 with a modest but qualitative project, and with the ambition to restore the stamp of indigenous grape varieties, Callet in the first row and Manto negro, Fogoneu, as well as Monastrell & Macabeu. It is on this same basis that Eloi Cedó Perelló then created his own entity Sistema Vinari in 2010 and developed his first Cható Paquita in 2012, the first in a series of natural reds of frank authenticity, marked by the clay terroir red (iron oxide) and the combined influences of the sun and sea breeze. Eloi's energetic personality of the winemaker set the benchmark for the qualitative renewal of Mallorcan wines.

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