Collection: Stéphane Cyran

Situated in the Lorraine region of northern France, Stéphane tends to a mere 1.5 hectares of vines near his family residence and cellar. Despite the region's limited wine acclaim, nestled between Alsace and Champagne, Stéphane is determined to reshape its reputation. The rising temperatures in France have transformed this once-overlooked area into a sought-after viticulture haven.

Whether in the vineyard or cellar, Stéphane meticulously tends to his Pinot Noir and Gamay vines, planted in clay-rich soils. The soil is carefully worked by hand or horse, adapting to the slope's gradient. In the cellar, macerations involve whole bunches, whether for white or red varieties, and no additions are introduced during vinification or bottling.

Beyond his own vineyards, Stéphane has collaborated with friends in Lorraine and Alsace, sourcing fruit for his négociant line, Le Deuxième Soufflée. This additional venture allows for experimentation with various varieties and methods, steadily gaining acclaim each year.

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