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Marco Tinessa hails from Benevento and is a professional broker who migrated from Montesarchio to Milan. Despite his urban lifestyle, Marco's passion for wine led him to produce a pure Aglianico from a small vineyard he owns in the Torre district of Montemarano. This wine perfectly captures the essence of the vine and the terroir.

Thanks to his wife's Sicilian roots, Marco met Frank Cornelissen, a Belgian winemaker famous for his volcanic and charismatic temperament and for being one of the most prominent players in the Etna wine scene. They both shared the idea of producing purely artisanal wines and, in 2007, they founded "Ognostro," an Aglianico made using natural methods and aged in terracotta amphorae for 2 to 3 years, depending on the vintage.

"O'gnostro" is the result of spontaneous fermentation, with the aim of preserving the characteristic aromas of the vine and the vintage. They use neutral containers and a minimal amount of sulfur in all stages of production, from processing the vineyard to bottling. Their goal is to maintain the unique characteristics of Aglianico.

The wine is a real nectar, with a charged color and a complex aroma. It is inevitably full-bodied, yet surprisingly fresh and elegant. Despite the alcohol content indicated on the label, "O'gnostro" offers supreme drinkability, with its minerality standing out effortlessly.

After leaving Montesarchio, Marco Tinessa spent a year in the Langhe, working for Mario Fontana and learning the secrets of the great Nebbiolo vine. He felt ready to make his own wine after gaining this valuable experience and subsequently set up a wine room on the outskirts of Milan. On the day of the harvest, grapes are transported from Campania to the wine room, where they are processed to make interesting interpretations of the Campania terroir.

Tinessa's wines are made from typical vines of the region, such as Aglianico and Fiano, processed without chemicals and with minimal intervention. These wines showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of the Campania terroir.

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