Collection: Max Dexheimer

Max, a fifth-generation winemaker from Saulheim in Rheinhessen, stands out as a pioneering force in the industry. Breaking from tradition, he is the first in his family to embrace a completely natural approach to winemaking. Despite the estate's longstanding history, Max brings a fresh perspective and unwavering commitment to crafting wines with precision and consistency.

The warmth of Max's home extends beyond the vineyards, where his 80+ year-old grandmother operates a classic German restaurant on the estate, and his father oversees a portion of the 12-hectare estate. Max is part of a dynamic group of friends, including Marto, Andi Mann, Andi Weigand, and Philip Freitag, who share a passion for natural winemaking. Their journey began at Geisenheim University, where they studied to become winemakers.

Known for his punctuality in the cellar and meticulous approach, Max leaves nothing to chance. His wines reflect this attention to detail, showcasing flawlessness and a clear direction. While maintaining a strong foundation, Max has expanded his repertoire by collaborating with friends like Marika, met during the 2020 harvest, leading to the creation of more diverse and challenging cuvees. Notably, he experiments with styles like pet-nat and blends incorporating both white and red grapes.

Max's talent shines through, and his dedication to sharing his exceptional wines is something we take pride in. We look forward to the opportunity to share these remarkable wines with you soon!

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